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Who we are

cracked nut

IT can be a tough nut to crack

We’re a group of IT guys, trying to solve IT problems

Proactive is an IT support company for small businesses. Well, we will work with any business, but we prefer you at least act like you’re small. While our competitors are pushing away their smaller clients with large contracts and ridiculous hourly rates, we are there to help the little guys when they need it the most.

As a full-service technology company, we provide custom software, network, help desk, and consulting services to everyone. Our purpose is to provide simple and convenient IT solutions that make your life easier and your data safer.

This is our team in a nutshell

We're a group of 95 tech people in the metro Detroit area, but you'd never know from our customer service. We make sure that when our clients call they feel like they’re talking to their very own IT guy.

We understand that your business hours are precious, so we try to do most of our migrations, maintenance, and downtime work outside of your business hours. It’s not unusual for us to work in the evening, late into the night and on the weekends.

We have so many tails to tell

Everyone who has worked with another IT company before coming to Proactive can’t believe how easy it is to work for us. We’re flexible, hands off, and pay pretty darn well. All we ask in return is that you do your job and be nice. Always be nice. Never be that IT guy.

Work with us.

We know how hard it is to find decent IT support services. Even harder to find folks you can trust to show up and actually fix what’s broken. This is your lucky day.