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Is your IT job paying you peanuts? You should call us.

We’re looking for folks who are nuts about IT.

Everyone who has worked in IT can’t believe how easy it is to work for Proactive. We don’t really have an office so office politics are non-existent. Management isn’t really a thing we do either.

You could say we are extraordinarily hands-off and flexible about scheduling and vacation time.

Oh, and we also pay pretty well. I guess there is that too.

Need more than just standard IT support?

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If you’re a little nuts, you’re probably our type.

At Proactive we don’t really have policies. But if we did, wearing pants would be a big one. You’ve got to wear pants unless you’re working from home that is, then you’re fine. Another biggie is you have to be nice. You will get fired if you act like “that guy.” You know who we’re talking about and you don’t want to be him. Finally, don’t be incompetent. If you can agree to all these things then you’ll fit right in.

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