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Bad IT Drives Us Nuts

While we may not always be perfect, we will always provide you with IT services that make sense.

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No Contracts! That’s right! Everything is done with a handshake. Products are month-to-month. We will earn the right to provide you service with HARD WORK, not some huge contract.


We ENGAGE with your company with personalized support. You will have direct access to “your guy.” You will never have to submit a ticket and fight your way through a help desk and phone tree. Just call or email your personal support rep and we will get your problem handled quickly and efficiently.


Most IT techs are hard to talk with. Not us. We’re not here to impress you with jargon. We are here to help you and keep you up and running. That’s why we say we are the “Good Guys of IT.”


We front-load our effort with a thorough initial onboarding process. This allows us to see problems coming and prevent them. For the things we can’t foresee, we will have the information and set up to react quickly.


All of our IT techs are trained to understand that every one of their clients is their personal responsibility. Therefore, all our techs take OWNERSHIP of their client accounts. Keeping your office technology working is their top priority.


Familiarity, organization, and ownership drive down the cost of support so you can invest your money in equipment and software, not managed services and maintenance.


We are not a managed service provider (MSP). We don’t think you fit in a box. We just want to support you and your network. Our number one goal is to be your trusted IT advisor. We will never recommend things you don’t need.


Volume! We support over 300 small businesses in Metro Detroit. We take our buying power and pass it along to help you save on computers, backups, antivirus, and firewalls. It also means when we set you up it isn’t our first rodeo.


No markup on hardware! We will find what you need, but we won’t mark it up. Whether it’s a server, workstation, or switch, we will recommend the best product in terms of value and quality to address your unique situation without unnecessary costs.


Last and most important, WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS. Some IT companies seem to hate their small clients but we love them. We focus on businesses of 25 people and under. Sure, we have clients that are 50, 60, even 200 users but our main focus is on smaller businesses. Whether you are 5 or 50, we will give you the customized attention and care you need. Most IT companies are looking for the next big client. We are looking for you!

Get a real price now Tell us how we can help you