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Bad IT Drives Us Nuts

We hear common complaints from new clients about their old IT providers. We use this feedback to improve our own processes. Here’s how we deliver the elevated service your business deserves.

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We’re local and happy to come onsite.

We divide our teams into territories based on where our clients are located and where our technicians live. This way, when you have an emergency or need a new computer setup, we have someone close by who can be there quickly. Clients within 25 miles will never be charged for travel time.

Your own dedicated, primary tech.

This person is highly skilled and local to your area. Whether you're in Sterling Heights or Garden City, we have a tech within 10 miles of your business. They become an expert in your IT environment during the onboarding session. You’re given their direct dial and email address, so you don’t need to work through tiers of junior techs to talk to the right person. Additionally, they’re supported by 4 or 5 teammates who are in your region and can assist if your primary tech is ever unavailable.

We won’t forget about you.

This is a common complaint we hear about other IT providers: you submit a request for support, and no one calls you back. We have a pack of helpful techs standing by and ready to assist. When you call us, you talk to a real human every time. When you have an IT issue, we respond quickly so you can get back to your business.

We’re affordable and transparent with our pricing.

We charge hourly and you only pay for what you need. We bill in quarter hour increments, so you’re never overcharged for simple tasks. We also have flat fee service options available if you'd like a predictable monthly bill. Finally, we review every invoice before it goes out to make sure you're charged fairly.

Complex issues get permanent solutions.

We have a team-based approach to problem solving and a group of experienced engineers that have seen it all. We know certain IT issues can be tough to troubleshoot and require extra sets of eyes to find the fix. If your primary tech ever gets stuck, they’re able to escalate problems and get help fast.

We save you money.

We’re here to make your technology easy, efficient, and cost-effective. We want to find wins for your business. We have a partner network of vendors that can help drive down the cost of your internet, phones, and equipment purchases. We’ll look at hardware and licensing fees and find ways to reduce costs while also delivering reliable, long-term solutions.

We take the guesswork out of who to call.

We’ll never tell you “we don’t support that” or “you’ll have to call the vendor for help.” When you call us with a problem, we help. We’ll contact your internet service provider when you have an outage. We’ll work with your software developer to find a fix for that annoying bug. We’ll wait on hold with vendors, escalate issues, and never give up when we’re acting on your behalf.

We have specialists to give you extra attention.

We have dedicated cybersecurity, monitoring, and service analyst teams. We can help with that jargon-filled security assessment your insurance company just sent you. We’ll compile reports so you can see when your hardware needs refreshing and assist your finance team with properly budgeting for the future.

No term agreement to work with us.

Unlike traditional Manage Service Providers (MSPs) that make you blindly sign with them for 2–3 years, we work month-to-month. If you ever decide to go in a different direction, we simply require 30 days’ notice to remove our software and firewall. We strive to earn your business each month with the service and value we provide.

We’re not jerks.

Many IT dudes are condescending and hard to talk to. We don’t employ them. We hire and train the sharpest tech talent who are also friendly and easy to work with.