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Meet the nuts

Mac Nutter

Thing 1

Computers run in Mac Nutter’s blood.

Mac was introduced to computers very early in life by his father who worked IT too. However, Mac wanted to make his own way. He pursued Mechanical Engineering at Syracuse University.

However, it wasn’t long before Mac realized that he wanted something different for his life. More importantly, Mac realized that his life needed to include IT.

Once he earned his certification in Cisco and Microsoft technologies, he worked with his dad for six years. After his father’s death, Mac took over his client-base and realized he wanted to build an IT company that was different. He wanted to build a straight-forward yet friendly company.

Then, as luck would have it, Mac ran into Michael. Together, they created Proactive.

Michael Weinberger

Thing 2

Michael Weinberger likes to make things easier and technology makes “easier” possible.

Before Proactive, when he looked around the IT industry, he saw a lot of nonsense going on. He knew he could build IT software much better and easier.

Throughout his career, he designed software for medical billing, scheduling, credentialing, privileging, and certifications. When Michael wasn’t busy with that, he was testing the systems supporting the medical services industry to see how he could make them better.

Michael has made applications workflow-centric and automatable. He’s constantly engineering and re-engineering existing software so it’s faster, more accurate, communicates better, and makes people’s lives simpler.

When he ran into Mac, luck was on his side. Together, they created Proactive.

Team 1

Team Leader: Sean Cowell

Sean Cowell


Evan Sickler

Mobile Technician

Tom Mikiel

Remote Technician

Al Camargo

Remote Technician

Team 2

Team Leader: Kyle Jenkins

Kyle Jenkins


Andy Kraft

Mobile Technician

Josh Drost

Mobile Technician

Joe Bohlin

Remote Technician

Team 3

Team Leader: John Cottone

John Cottone

Remote Technician

Patrick Lardner

Remote Technician

Jon Garavaglia


Team 4

Team Leader: Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy


Ryan Roth

Mobile Technician

Cory Snyder

Mobile Technician

Ken Manderfield

Remote Technician

Team 5

Team Leader: Mark Warren

Mark Warren


Ryan Staal

Project Manager

Noora Mansi

web developer

Tricia Wilson

Office Manager

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