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Meet the Fusion Development Team

Hyperautomation: Streamline Operations and Unlock Efficiency

Microsoft Fabric: Unified Data and Actionable Insights

Generative AI Copilots: Boost Innovation and Productivity

Experience the Fusion Advantage

Meet the Fusion Development Team

Welcome to the Fusion Development team at Proactive Technology management! We’re thrilled you’re considering partnering with our team of technology experts to drive innovation and growth for your organization.

At Proactive, the fusion development team is where data scientists, business analysts, Power Platform developers, and software and data engineers leverage modern development patterns such as serverless and distributed computing, automated machine learning inference, generative AI, self-service business intelligence, and low-code rapid application development to innovate for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Our Fusion Development Team at Proactive Technology Management is the driving force behind modernizing businesses like yours, leveraging a wealth of expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

At the helm are Michael Weinberger and Michael Schreiber, who have been pivotal in shaping our fusion development journey and keep Proactive at the forefront of technological innovation and business transformation.

Michael Weinberger headshot

Michael Weinberger, the visionary co-owner of Proactive, brings an unparalleled blend of strategic foresight and tech acumen. His leadership has steered the company into new territories of innovation and growth, and his strong history of technical leadership in various CTO positions ensures our solutions are delivered with the competence and maturity you would expect of an industry veteran.

Michael Schreiber headshot

Michael Schreiber, Ph.D., as Fusion Development Team Lead and solutions architect, combines his extensive knowledge in development, data science, Microsoft 365, and Azure cloud software architecture to architect state-of-the-art, data-driven applications. Under his guidance, our team has grown into a powerhouse of cross-disciplinary talent, boasting a diverse skill set in areas such as machine learning, AI, low-code rapid application development, and cloud-native solutions.

Together, our journey in development is marked by a history of consistent evolution and adaptation. We’ve grown from a small team into a robust organization spread across multiple continents, each member a specialist in their domain, be it robotic process automation, data science, generative AI, or low-code.

Our core competencies reflect our commitment to technological advancement and business relevance. With expertise in Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Power Platform, and Power BI business analytics, coupled with a deep understanding of data architecture, data warehousing, data science, and empathy-driven design, we bring a comprehensive approach to solving complex business challenges.

As part of the greater Proactive Technology Management organization, our fusion development team specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to rapidly deliver strategic, value-driven solutions tailored to your unique business needs, with a focus on maximizing the potential of emerging technologies such as generative AI and machine learning for your business.

In the following sections, you’ll learn about three emerging areas of focus for our team, areas where we feel the majority of our business clients can obtain maximum value from the latest trends in software development — without suffering from the consequences of premature early adoption.

Each of the solutions we describe is something we’ve delivered for our clients that is already achieving return on development investment, so you can be confident that when you work with our team, cutting-edge need not mean bleeding edge.

Continue on to the following sections to discover how our expertise in hyperautomation, Microsoft Fabric, and Generative AI Copilots can revolutionize your business processes, data management, and innovation strategies, propelling you towards a future of unparalleled efficiency and growth in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, or if you’re ready to discuss how we can digitally transform your business, contact us now.

Hyperautomation: Streamline Operations and Unlock Efficiency

Is your business still relying on outdated, manual processes that drain productivity and lead to errors? Are your operations staff buried in a backlog of paperwork and data entry tasks? If these problems sound familiar, we have the solution: hyperautomation.

At Proactive, we utilize hyperautomation to rapidly digitize and optimize workflows. By wrapping the interface to your existing systems and processes in modern, web-driven APIs, we can seamlessly integrate with your legacy systems and paper-based workflows — all without requiring any changes on your end.

Using technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), machine vision, and low-code rapid application development, your legacy desktop applications, terminal-based mainframe applications, web applications, and paper-based forms become interoperable data feeds, eliminating data silos and boosting efficiency across your organization.

We can’t wait for your organization to benefit from the enabling technologies encompassed by hyperautomation, technologies that will accelerate your organization’s growth and allow you to compete with organizations with much higher headcounts.

Our robotic process automation, machine learning models, and low-code platforms can bring tremendous efficiency gains, including:

Let us modernize your operations with intelligent automation customized for your environment. Reach out now to schedule a risk-free initial consultation.

Microsoft Fabric: Unified Data and Actionable Insights

Are siloed data and disjointed analytics preventing you from unlocking deeper business insights?

At Proactive, we leverage the cutting-edge, comprehensive, cloud-based analytics platform known as Microsoft Fabric to break down data silos and create a unified analytics platform driven by machine learning and generative AI to produce the live, actionable insights any modern business needs to remain competitive in an ever-accelerating business landscape.

This modern approach enables us to build solutions that:

Contact us to see how we can optimize your data stack and analytics for faster, smarter decision making.

Generative AI Copilots: Boost Innovation and Productivity

Seeking to leverage generative AI solutions like Microsoft Copilot or Open AI’s ChatGPT to increase your company’s productivity?

At Proactive, our team can build custom AI copilots and intelligent agents using Open AI’s Assistants API, Anthropic’s Claude, or alternative open-source solutions based on the popular LangChain generative AI framework that provide the same functionality as Copliot at a fraction of the cost.

We tailor conversational agents to your specific needs, allowing you to:

Why pay exorbitant per-user fees for generic solutions that may leak your company’s proprietary information? Instead, allow us to build a tailored, private solution that you only pay for when you actually use it.

Don’t let larger organizations with enough users to gain access to Microsoft Copilot leave your company behind in the Generative AI Era, when Proactive’s generative AI solutions can be customized and rolled out for your team in a matter of weeks.

Get in touch for affordable, customized AI copilots designed around your business objectives.

Experience the Fusion Advantage

Our Fusion team brings together deep technology expertise with a strategic, business-focused approach. We work as an extension of your team to not just implement technology, but deliver quantifiable business value.

We offer a risk-free one month trial of our services so you can experience first-hand the efficiency gains and cost savings our solutions deliver.

Let’s explore how we can partner to gain a competitive edge. Here’s how it works:

With this phased approach, you get to empirically experience the benefits of partnering with Proactive before deciding on further investments.

Our development process focuses on rapid iterations and continuous delivery of value throughout. We utilize Agile sprints to frequently collect data-driven feedback and refine our solutions based on real-world use, so our solutions only get better the longer you use them.