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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration

Client: Digital Marketing Agency     Year: 2023


Our client needed a solution to combine their two recently merged businesses into a single tenant and change platforms from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. We needed to navigate the complexities of two user bases coming together, migrate large amounts of data, and move calendar appointments and file sharing permissions to create a seamless experience for the end user.


A private equity funded omni-channel digital marketing agency with workers in multiple countries. The company recently merged with an e-commerce marketplace agency.

Pre-Migration Pain Points:



Managing two separate tenants of user bases


Overpaying for extra licenses in Google and Zoom


Multiple login credentials needed to sign into different business applications


Our Solution

30-day turnaround to migrate a client into a single Microsoft 365 tenant with minimal downtime. We moved 115 mailboxes with 150GB+ of data per account. We migrated computers off the previous IT firm’s domain controller and set up single sign-on (SSO) through Microsoft 365 for multiple software applications. This allowed the user to simply use one account to authenticate in multiple places, increasing efficiency and reducing login errors.

We performed the cutover overnight to minimize disruptions for the business. We provided 24/7 live help desk support for any users that needed help with their new account. To make the transition as smooth as possible for our client, we moved calendar appointments and file sharing permissions, so the users weren’t required to regenerate meetings and re-share files. We moved addresses that were safe listed from the previous email provider to be sure the client would be able to easily communicate with their customer base.

Additionally, we configured their HR system to automatically provision new users going forward. We also setup Microsoft InTune for endpoint management and Microsoft Teams for collaboration. We customized the Microsoft 365 tenant with company branding, colors, logos, and email signatures. Finally, we provided training material and open meeting sessions for the users to join for troubleshooting and configuring account settings.

Post Migration Results:


Collaboration suite combined and managed via Microsoft 365


Consolidated business applications to reduce the number of paid software licenses


Two domains merged for business continuity


Single sign-on (SSO) setup for multiple software applications


HR system setup to automatically provision new users going forward


Unified signature solution for company branding

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