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Let them know that Proactive is really the best of both worlds in IT.

While you will receive the one-on-one customer care that a one or two-person shop can provide, we blow them out of the water because of our size.

Because we are bigger, we can uncover the easy issues and fixes that a lot of the one-person shows don’t have the time to solve. Think about it – we have 20 in the field compared to their two. Our depth of resources crushes them.

As for companies that are bigger than us, good luck trying to get them on site. At best, you’ll get their remote support. At worst, you will get an annoying prerecorded voice on the other end of the line talking to you in circles. Long gone are the days of IT companies supporting you in person. Now, it’s all about efficiency. And by efficiency we mean you’ll get the cheapest person on the phone to try to solve your IT problem. We’re not about that and you shouldn’t be, either.

With Proactive every time you call you will get the most knowledgeable person (even if it’s one of our engineers) on the phone. Every. Single. Time.

Ready to simplify your IT?

We are, too. Proactive is made up of 70 employees. We have 550+ clients, and support thousands of people. Let us give you a better IT experience. What are you waiting for?